Dr. Anne Calhoun

The University of New Mexico

Associate Professor
Language Literacy Sociocultural Studies
Email: acalhoon@unm.edu
Phone: 505 277-9601

Ph.D. Marquette University: Major - Educational Psychology; Minor - Reading Neuropsychology Scholarship and Achievement Awards. Dissertation: The Development of More-skilled Readers’ Use of Orthographic Rimes in Reading Words in Isolation and in Context. 1990-1995

M. S. E. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Special Education: Major - Learning Disabilities; Minor – Reading. Thesis: The Effects of Phonological Awareness Training in Adults with Dyslexia. Awards: Office of Graduate Education: Graduate Student of the Year 1987-1990

B. A. Wittenberg University; Music Performance: 1963-1967

Peer-reviewed Articles

Calhoun, J. A. & Annett, C. (2003). American Indian and Altai Literacies: Place as story. International Journal of Learning, 10, 2112-2124. Available at: http://lc2003.publisher-site.com/ProductShop/

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Calhoon, J. A. (2001) Factors affecting reading of rimes in words and nonwords in beginning readers with cognitive disabilities and typically developing readers: Explorations in similarity and difference in word recognition cue use. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 31(5), 491-504.

Calhoon, J. A. (2000). Indigenous Nations Studies programs: A rainbow bridge across the twenty-first century? Journal of the Indigenous Nations Studies Program, 1(1), 29-41.

Leslie, L., & Calhoon, J. A. (1995). Factors affecting children’s reading of rimes: Reading ability, word frequency, and rime neighborhood size. Journal of Educational Psychology, 87(4), 576-586.


Peer Reviewed Chapters

Calhoun, J. A., Goeman, M., & Tsethlikai, M. (2007). Gender equity issues for Native American students. In Sue Klein & Patricia Ortman (Eds.), Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Education, (Chapter 25), . Manawah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Copeland, S. & Calhoon, J. A. (2007). Word Recognition Skill and Strategy for Moderately and Severely Disabled Students. In Liz Keefe & Susan Copeland (Eds.), Literacy First. Baltimore, MD: P.H. Brookes.


Invited and refereed Articles

Calhoun, A., & Park, S. S. (2009). Longitudinal Explorations of Alpha Literacy. Document submitted to the Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland, Ohio.

Calhoun, A. (2004). “It’s Just a Social Obligation. You could say ‘No!’” : Cultural and Religious Barriers of American Indian Faculty in the Academy. American Indian Quarterly, 27(1-3). Invited Paper for Special Issue: Surviving Academia. Spring, 2004. (see letter from editor describing the stringent review process for this article)